Setting Trends with PaperEnchanted Brides | Fall 2016/Winter 2017

“‘First impression’ is what a wedding invitation is of your wedding day. It is a reflection of the love you and your groom share and your personalities. The invitation serves as a window to what your guests will be expecting for your day of celebration. Once your guests open the invitation, they will know the style and attire of the wedding day. In essences, your wedding invitation is the ‘First Impression’ on how you will be celebrating with your family and friends one of the most important days of your life…”



Setting Trends in PaperEnchanted Brides | Spring/Summer 2016

“Before you select the ‘Perfect Invitation’ you have to select the wedding day. This can be a challenge at times when dealing with your schedule and your guests’ schedules, time of the year, and holidays. There are brides today that are choosing holidays that are not your traditonal weekend holiday, such as St. Patrick’s Day, Earth Day, Flag Day, and the list goes on…”




Setting Trends in PaperEnchanted Brides | Fall 2015/Winter 2016

With all the different styles, designs, and texture of paper, it can be so overwhelming when choosing the Perfect Invitationfor one of the most important days of your life, your wedding day. Brides are always saying, there are so many choices, how will I to be able to make a decision? The answer is simple. Stay true to yourself and let the invitation be a reflection of who you are…




Setting Trends in PaperEnchanted Brides | Spring/Summer 2015

It’s about six to eight weeks before your wedding date and you just mailed out your wedding invitations. Within a few days, you are receiving phone calls from guests saying, ‘Finally someone did it right.’ Yes, they are talking about your invitation. They love it! You chose the perfect invitation that reflects your personality and the style of your wedding…




Setting Trends in PaperEnchanted Brides | Fall 2014/Winter 2015

“Every bride wants her wedding day to be a reflection of the magical wedding she has dreamed of for years. But most of all, she wants her wedding to be a reflection of her personality. Some of these brides are very graphic design savvy and decide to design their own invitations. This is their way of personalizing and bringing to life the wedding of their dreams to their guests



 Setting Trends in PaperEnchanted Brides | Spring/Summer 2014

“Set the tone of your wedding through the ‘Art of Paper’. Yes, the selection of your Save the Date, invitations, and all of your paper products will set the tone for your wedding. This tone is set through art and your personality. The invitation is a window to what your guests are to expect on your very magical day





Setting Trends in PaperEnchanted Brides | Fall 2013/Winter 2014

“Paint a picture of your wedding event with the ‘Art of Paper’. When you begin the process of planning your wedding, the entire event is a blank canvas. Then once you, your groom, event planner, and expert in the paper products industry decide on the stock, colors, style, and design of the Save-the-Date and invitation, your canvas starts coming to life




Setting Trends in PaperEnchanted Brides | Spring/Summer 2013

“The Internet has opened a new world of wonders for different aspects of our lives. But electronics, though it offers a great variety of services, when it comes to taste, thoughts, feelings, and decisions on a very personal subject as the preparation of your wedding and the selection of your paper products, it falls short